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The Bridal Edit

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Sparkling Bridal Heirlooms

Indian bridal jewelry is a repository of memories with incalculable sentimental value. These jewels are far more than mere accessories; they become an act of love that is passed down from generation to generation.

Each choker set, statement earring, and handcrafted nath and ring are treasured for decades, not only for their material value but also their sentimental value. These ornate pieces remain timeless, authentic and iconic.

Millennial and Gen-Z customers are now looking for modern bridal jewelry. They embrace minimal designs, classic styles, and local craftsmanship, which opens the door for a slew of homegrown labels that bring the rich and colourful essence of royal jewels to the table.

Are you ready to be the dream bride?

Luxury and timeless designs play a huge role in sustaining the heirlooms and the family pride. A beautiful bride, be it of any era, is a reflection of these traditions and love. This wedding season, redefine the contemporary aesthetic to experience a regal renaissance with extravagant bridal jewelry.

Curio Cottage brings the perfect mix of feminine and ethnic jewelry designs to the 20th century. We aim to go beyond the matrimonial requirements to define our iconic collection as works of art that go beyond the label of an accessory.

We've listed different types of modern-traditional heirlooms for a new generation of brides.

Meenakari jewelry

Meenakari jewelry is traditional Indian jewelry that is overlaid with colorful and inspirational designs of traditional Indian motifs such as birds, flowers and leaves. The enamelling is done by local artisans using ancient techniques honed over many centuries.

Curio Cottage brings to you handcrafted jewelry made with high quality mixed metal alloys and brushed with pastle-hued meenakari enamel karigari. The perfect match to colourful jewelry, Meenakari jewelry allows you to celebrate the intricate craftsmanship behind each piece with grace. Shop for beautiful semi-precious earrings with meenakari enamelled karigari at Curio Cottage.

Stone jewelry

A classic and timeless piece of jewelry featuring beautiful semi-precious coloured stones and embellished with kundan is perfect to reflect contemporary trends but with a focus on design sensibilities for the new-age muse.

The Curio Cottage brings to you stone bridal bangles and luxurious pieces of wedding jewelry for the modern Indian bride who is devoted to honour the unique jewelry-making techniques. The everlasting bling will be the trousseau's modern mainstay.

Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is very elegant and makes a great regal accessory that's making a huge comeback as modern bridal jewelry. The beautiful bridal edit at Curio Cottage consists of bridal maang tikka, choker set, bridal nath handcrafted with fresh water pearls and semi-precious stones.

Well, who doesn’t want the lustrous, beautiful pearls that create a remarkable radiance when worn on the skin? The classic combination goes with every holiday outfit in your closet, without a doubt.

Floral jewelry

The floral designs of phool teeka and bridal rings will shine brightly in your bridal jewellery collection. Curio Cottage presents you with a floral arrangement made of mixed metal alloys and chiselled with a beautiful combination of gold and semi-precious stones.

The classic floral adornments are designed with a modern eye to highlight the radiance of the bride-to-be. The vibrant hues of the traditional Indian wedding extravaganza serve as the haldi and mehandi ceremonies. Are you ready to bloom?

Kundan jewelry

Trends come and go, but there is no denying that a kundan touch completes any jewellery collection. Kundan jewellery is a prized craft that has been tenderly passed down through generations.

Every bride wants to look like a queen on her wedding day, and this type of jewellery was popular among royalty for a reason. At Curio Cottage, brides can choose among the beautiful collection of bridal necklace set, earrings and statement rings.

Embrace traditional values with a modern touch

Indulge yourself in the authenticity of the exclusive bridal edit by Curio Cottage. We aim to bridge the gap between traditional and modern designs.

Shop for Bridal Nathni, Stone Bangles, Long Passa Bridal Earrings, Jhumki bridal earrings, Chandelier, Stud, Cuff bangle, Phool teeka, Choker set, Hasli set, Necklace set, Maang Tikka, and bridal rings to amplify your look as the modern day bride.

It takes us 7 business days to deliver a shipment within India, and COD is available for shipments up to INR 5.000. Stock celebrity choice evergreen semi-precious and precious jewelry. International shipping is available.

Get ready to reflect on your traditions!