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It’s not like every day that you get to be a bride. Is it? So why not make the most of it by looking your best and by adorning yourself in the choicest jewellery? The bridal season is in full swing and you might be engaged in looking for that perfect dress and jewellery items. Anyway, when it comes to shopping for bridal jewellery, every piece needs to be chosen with great care. Among all other ornaments, the maang tikka is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery for women. Resting on the forehead, a well-chosen maang tikka is a key to looking elegant and beautiful. While choosing this item of fashionable jewellery, there are some key points that one must consider. Make sure that the design goes with the shape of your face.

Maang tikkas are popularly worn, not just by the bride but also by the bridesmaid and wedding guests. They highlight your facial features adding beauty to your face. They surely can be a valuable accessory to compliment your outfit. But picking the perfect one can be a bit confusing. No worries, at Curio Cottage, you will discover a list of different designs that you will want to try this season.

Classy Maang Tikkas to Ace the Traditional Look

Maang tikkas are one of the jewellery pieces that are eternal classics for Indian wedding looks. There is also a belief that wearing a maang tikka protects the bride from bad luck and the evil eye. The variety of maang tikkas at Curio Cottage jewellery store is designed to let you stand out from the crowd and be the stunner on your special day or any occasion. And we know that with a plethora of options to choose from, the only challenge you might face is getting just one. No worries, with our range of styles and designs, you will be able to find what suits your face best.

If you are someone with a round face, you should avoid circular designs as they make your face appear more rounded. Instead, go for longer styles that add length to your face. Or you can choose to get our Kundan and pearl drops matha patti that can make your face look elegant and beautiful, the wrong one can ruin your entire look. If you are someone with a rectangular or square face, you need something round like our chaand maang tikka to add some roundness to your face. Make sure to choose the piece according to your face shape. Also, wedding looks cannot be completed without a designer maang tikka as it adds royal opulence to your look. Our enchanting collection of fancy maang tikkas for women has graceful crescent designs on them with varieties of stones and pearls across the pendant.

This item of our jewellery is ideal for people who like to keep it simple and bold at the same time.

Shop Designer Maang Tikkas Online At Curio Cottage

For Indian women, it is important to look their best and stand out amongst the crowd on several occasions such as festivals, weddings, parties, and so much more. So, for the utterly astounding look, women must get to know all about traditional jewellery designs. You will be able to choose some of the best maang tikka designs for yourself from Curio Cottage’s Exclusive jewellery collection.

Our maang tikka for bridal or wedding looks will frame your face perfectly and will also enhance the look of your outfit and other jewellery pieces that you will be wearing. Our pieces of jewellery are not too heavy but elegant enough to let you flaunt your traditional style effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, you can end your hunt for the perfect jewellery pieces here at Curio Cottage fashion jewellery store. Here, you will be able to find a lot more than just the basic traditional maang tikka designs including kundan passa, bridal pearls maang tikka, pearls drops matha patti and more. Our latest and trendiest pieces will steal your heart, and not only this, but you can consider getting entire jewellery sets that include necklaces and earrings to complete your traditional look. You just need to browse through our catalogues of trending jewellery items and you can pick the designs that you like the most.