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Work collection

Thinking about how to choose and style designer jewelry to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? And how do you make best use of your premium jewelry collection in rotation without being bored?

The good news is that we've assembled a bunch of handy fashion jewelry, style, tips and tricks to help you wear fine, fashion and costume jewelry that complements your sense of style, personality and wardrobe.

We at curio cottage have assembled all your daily accessories to jazz up your everyday look whether it's for work or a brunch date with your besties, we got them all. Our work wear jewelry is versatile and can be worn at any occasion for a simple elegance. Every piece is a statement symbol, handcrafted and finished with detailed designs which results in breathtaking pieces of artwork.

Thinking about what makes our work collection so different? here are the some of the reasons that makes our designer jewelry different from the rest of our collection:

  • Looking out for contemporary office wear jewelry?

    Well, look no further. The Jewel pieces made by Curio cottage are the perfect example of versatility as every craftwork by us can be worn with any type of office wear attire. It can slay every style and fashion trend which makes it timeless fashion jewelry that are versatile enough to be worn with any workwear call, like our hamsa evil eye necklace .

  • Go for simple timeless gold-

    Every piece made in curio cottage is elegant and sophisticated. Our work collection is one of the simplest one as we focussed on the dailywear accessory that would reflect your confident personality effortlessly with comfort.

    We have made extensive use of the color gold to curate the perfect piece of jewelry for office to look your best everyday. Our mesmerizing gold toned earrings are a favourite of many.

  • Jewellery that works hard as hard as you

    At Curio cottage we are very much focused on detailing, every piece is handcrafted by the karigars all across India. The beautiful handwork brings out the aesthetics of every designer jewelry piece which makes it a magical yet magnificent piece leaving the person in wonder and admiration.

  • Classy yet sassy everyday look

    If you are looking for something precious, then look at our office collection which depicts elegance with their every design, by focussing on every small detail like our gold duo flower hoop earrings.

    Curio cottage is the place where we focus on retaining our unsaid heritage and style. Every design has been specially taken care of as it is inspired by the number of events, culture and trends and it took an effort of thousand miles and months to create one masterpiece like our silver lilac earrings that we are extremely proud of.

    The raw materials which are used for making our day to day ethnic yet contemporary jewelry are made up of high quality products which includes zirconia stones, white and rose gold, high quality metal and apart from that some designs are embellished with the beautiful frame of pearls which brings out its charm.