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Nose Rings

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Curio Cottage - Fancy Nose Rings

Since ancient times, women loves to adorn themselves with the prettiest of fashionable jewellery from head to toe. The nose pin or nose ring is a jewellery item which has been in use for hundreds of years and it was made popular during the Mughal era. Nose rings are also an important part of bridal jewellery. It comes in multiple designs to enhance the wearer’s look. In other cultures and traditions, nose rings are associated with different meanings. They have been considered a symbol of tradition and class for married women. From beautiful traditional ones to funky modern varieties, at Curio Cottage we have a wide variety of nose rings design that you will definitely love to add to your jewellery box.

Nose piercings and intricate nose jewellery are quite exquisite and ethnic, and with our designs of fancy nose rings, you will be able to keep your ethnic ensemble on point. And not only this, this elegant piece of jewellery is not only a part of Indian tradition, but it has now become a favourite throughout the globe. Also known as “Nath” or “Nathni,” there are many names to it, and they also come in different styles. With so many varieties, you might get a bit confused while deciding what style will look best on you. Explore the world of Curio Cottage and pick the one based on your personal style.

Our Range of Nose Rings for the Perfect Look

Curio Cottage jewellery store features jewellery pieces crafted from genuine, premium-quality materials. Here, you will explore remarkable ornaments which have been incorporated with authentic traditional designs. If you have an eye for the best ones from the top of the designs, we bet that our collection will not disappoint you. Our traditional nose rings collection is curated to jazz up one’s overall look like no other accessory can. Be prepared to make heads turn by opting for any of our nose ring designs from our exhaustive range. We have something for everyone and you can pick any design based on your tastes and preferences.

A bridal nose ring or a nose pin has always been a part of wedding regalia since time immemorial. It was usually given as a wedding gift, and earlier, it also represented a woman’s marital status. They are too beautiful pieces of jewellery that you can’t skip them from your wedding attire. Almost every bride wishes to be adorned in the perfect bridal nathni for the wedding. Picking the right style from so many options can be tricky. But with our collection of traditional naths, you can select the design as per your taste within no time.

Our pearl nose rings are one jewellery designs that can never go wrong. This nath design can go with every colour and attire. You can opt for all pearl jewellery or mix it up with Kundan and jadau. Kundan also has now become the go-to jewellery for every bride. For the right amount of shimmer and grace, the bridal elegant kundan naths within our collection will go really well with all Indian traditional wedding ensembles. If you want a heavy bridal look, pick one from our range of bridal naths. Other than this, we offer bridal nathni designs for minimalist brides who want effortless options.

Out of all the jewellery pieces that a bride is adorned with, there is no other adornment than a nath that instantly uplifts the bridal look. It brings an unmissable persona to the overall look. However, shopping for bridal naths is not as easy as shopping for any other jewellery item. There are some important points that you need to consider while picking a nose ring. Make sure to choose the one that suits your face type, failing to do so can spoil the whole look.

Choose Curio Cottage for the Latest Designs and Quality

Curio Cottage jewellery store is known for offering a great range of earrings, bangles and bracelets, party wear rings, and nose rings. The designs that you will discover here have been carefully crafted to perfection. We promise to provide you with stylish fashion jewellery that you can gift yourself or to your loved ones and spread happiness.

Nose Rings


Last Updated: 2024-07-16