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Women Love A Pair Of Earrings

A beautiful woman becomes more adorable when she wears a set of stunning designer earrings. A beautiful pair of Earrings from CURIO COTTAGE makes women look pretty, fashionable, and trendy as they add timeless charm to their appearance. Earrings are one of the foremost forms of jewelry found throughout history. The word “Earring” refers to jewelry or ornaments which are worn attached to the earlobes. Ethnic earrings were traditionally worn as a sign of different cultures like tribals, to identify marital status, age and rank. However, the basic function of earrings is to complement one's ear, as it’s evidently placed near the face. Earrings by CURIO COTTAGE are a perfect adornment for women of all ages as they intensify the luxurious feel of womanhood and femininity.


Since ancient times, jewelry has consistently remained a crucial part of the Indian woman's beauty. Fashion earrings for women are like spices for food. They make a woman’s face look prettier and in shape, giving her a new look and effortlessly adding to her unique style. You can now browse for earrings of varied styles, fashion and brands online at CURIO COTTAGE with ultimate ease. Needless to say, customers today prefer to buy earrings online due to the widest choice of exclusive earrings designs and competitive online earrings prices.


Here's a glimpse into CURIO COTTAGE’S exquisite collection of beautiful earrings for women, out of which you can make a pick based on your style and occasion

  • Studs Earrings

    One of the most admired and effortless ways of styling a pair of earrings is stud style. A Stud earring refers to any gemstone or ornament design mounted on a post which passes through the earlobe and then is fixed with a screw from the back. The great thing about CURIO COTTAGE’S studs is that it is the go-to earring for every day. CURIO COTTAGE offers exclusive designer stud earrings for daily wear, office wear or for any special occasion.

  • Drops Earrings

    Drop Earrings refer to those earrings which attach to the earlobe with gemstones, pearls, diamonds or with any design motifs with chains which dangle down. They are also known as droplets, danglers which also include chandelier earrings and statement pieces. Drop earrings at CURIO COTTAGE make your face appear slimmer, longer and help compliment the round silhouette. A pair of long slender drop earrings are widely known to offer a great balance & symmetry to a round facial structure any time of the day. CURIO COTTAGE’S finest Chandbalis earrings are mostly reserved for evenings or events, these will again make a statement and finish your look to make you elegantly stand apart. CURIO COTTAGE has a wide range of Drops earrings for office wear and for special occasions.

  • Hoops Earrings

    Hoop earrings are always designed with a round shape or half-round shape which looks exactly like a ring. Hoops at CURIO COTTAGE are available in different styles and sizes. These are a part of the classic styles that never get out of style. They were once a part of the jewelry vanity of Kings & Queens which were important to signify the status of their social standing, in today’s era they have widely become a symbol of ultimate confidence and rich elegance. Being a perfect circle, hoop earrings by CURIO COTTAGE symbolize wholeness, unity and infinity. Curio Cottage offers unique style and exclusive designs to customers under Hoops earrings.

  • Chandbali Earrings

    Chandbali Earring is one of the most popular choices for women's earrings which depicts traditional designs, inspired by the timeless concept of the “Half-moon”. They have a magnificent appeal that is unmatched by any other style. These beautiful earrings by CURIO COTTAGE can be paired with a saree, anarkali, lehenga, palazzo suits. CURIO COTTAGE offers a wide range of earrings listed under “Chandbali Collection” with semi-precious stones, pearls and more.

  • Jhumka Earrings

    Jhumkas are the traditional way of wearing earrings, this style is ageless with an eternal appeal and can be worn on any special occasion. Any Indian wedding Jewelry set is incomplete without a pair of beautiful designer Jhumkas for women. These traditional earrings by CURIO COTTAGE usually come in circular/dome/bell-shaped designs and have been in vogue for many years. Even the slightest head movements can generate a mesmerizing jingling sound. CURIO COTTAGE offers an exclusive Jhumkas collection with a seamless blend of traditional and modern look. Explore the collection of ladies earrings at CURIO COTTAGE and treat yourself, or your loved one, to a pair of stylish trendy earrings. They are designed to give a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Find an array of designs in the collection for any kind of occasion including office, festivals, or daily wear pieces. Classic, simple and timeless, you will wear CURIO COTTAGE earrings time and time again.